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Default W123

I have a 1984 300d td. upon further research it shows that it has a w123 chassis, produced from 82-85. my real question (that i seemed to have some difficulty in getting answered in regular interweb searches) is what does the "w" and the "123" mean in terms of the chassis? wheelbase? length? wagon?
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Default anybody here ?

Wow, nobody here has taken a stab at answering this question ?
I guess in the big scheme of things it is not really a relevant or important thing to know, but I will give it a try.
Origin of the w in front of chassis number originated before World War 2, maybe even WW1.
Every model or different chassis design / series received a 3 digit factory designation (originally maybe even 2).
Off that chassis you would have different engine choices.
The cars had a W (example 180)
and the engines got an M plus 3 digit 'code.
W standing most likely for 'Wagen' (german word for Car/vehicle and the M standing for 'Motor').
With the start of the diesel engine they added an 'OM' standing for Oel-motor.
These were factory internal designations just for ease of parts number cataloging and reference.
A W180 chassis by example (a 1955-1959 220S) could have a M180 motor (2.2liter gas) or an 'OM 636 motor ( 1.7 liter diesel motor) or even other motor .
The numbers could occasionally coincide and create confusion (as in this case), or even worse, they get mixed with a Model designation as in this example (180, or 180 Diesel...)
A 180D (Example: 1953-1961) model however had a W120 chassis with either an OM636 or an M121 engine.
I am fairly sure about most of this.
The W could also stand for Werks-intern (German for Factory internal).

The car you have is a (W)123 193 etc. (my guess) or maybe a 300 diesel sedan (123.133) ?
If an '84 your VIN would start WDBAB93... or WDBAB33....)
To avoid people giving the wrong model number/designation as you may have hereL
What you have is a 300TD, 1984 or a 300D.
When you add letters or change them around you are changing and confusing chassis and motors.
A 300TD is a station wagon (T for transit, D for diesel NOT Turbo Diesel).
A 300TD, turbodiesel is a Turbo diesel station wagon
A sedan is a 300D (TurboDiesel=(TD in brackets) or non-turbo),
A Coupé would be a 300CD (maybe Turbo Diesel, maybe reg Diesel)
If it was a turbodiesel, that would be the second prt of the chassis designaton W123 (body) 133 (3 liter turbodiesel) or 193(3 liter turbodiesel wagon).
To confuse matters even more: in the early eighties (I think first year 1981) Mercedes replaced numbers with letters, where the chassis (VIN) would now be a
WDBAB33... for the same car, but the US market only .

In recent history (Nineties) some people, maybe even Mercedes started using the letter S as in S123.
But I believe only for the newer (90ies and up) chassis/cars....

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Touring is BMW
Transit for Mercedes
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