'06 SLR McClaren w/squeaking Brakes

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Default '06 SLR McClaren w/squeaking Brakes

I have a ’06 SLR McClaren w/approx. 700 miles on it and the brakes have an annoying squeak. My wife refuses to ride in the car because she says it is embarrassing having everyone turn around and look at you squeaking up to a stop light.

I have tried the procedure outlined in the owners manual several times (take it to hi-speed and apply brake to hard stop 3 times in succession); this procedure works for short time until the brakes cool off; at which time the annoying squeak reoccurres!

The MB service advisor suggested that I wait until I have 1,000 miles before bringing it in; stating that he thinks that the squeak will disappear at 1,000 miles. I seriously have my doubts but I will be patient until then.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions.


2006 SLR McClaren
2007 GL450
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Default RE: '06 SLR McClaren w/squeaking Brakes

the mb service advisor didn't even take a look on it?
maybe the glazing on the brake disks is already damaged... who knows.
they should also check the brake disks and pads for any cracks or damage.

take it to hi-speed and apply brake to hard stop 3 times in succession
it must be at 3 stages. better do it on a one way road with no other vehicles.

bed in procedures:
*accelerate car 10 times to 100km/h and brake with medium deceleration to 30km/h. ( end by half depressed pedal)
**accelerate car 6times to 130km/h and brake with maximum deceleration to 50km/h. ( end by fully depressed pedal. ABS must be detectable)
*** drive the car at least 5 kilometers to cool down the brakes.

not much members got SLR here, and it's very much different than other models. your car is using SBC which acts differently such as pre-filling, bry braking, etc.
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Default RE: '06 SLR McClaren w/squeaking Brakes

What you or yoru mechanic shoudl try, is make a slight 45 degree angle on teh brake pads. It helps with disipating heat and dust.
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Default RE: '06 SLR McClaren w/squeaking Brakes

i have a serious question for you. How much did your car come out to? and what is the top speed you hit in it. Can you post some pictures its my dream car
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Default RE: '06 SLR McClaren w/squeaking Brakes

I have had similar problems with past and current cars. I have tried changing the brake pads, bedding the brakes etc etc. After bedding the brakes the sound goes away for a bit but always comes back. It seems like it’s caused by the carbon ceramic pads and the ceramic rotors that now come on super cars. I have yet to find a solution.
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Default RE: '06 SLR McClaren w/squeaking Brakes

I believe I saw a DTB on that recently. contact your local dealership. I can check tomorrow and let you know
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Default RE: '06 SLR McClaren w/squeaking Brakes

in the owners manual for the SLR it states that brake squeel can occur and is considered normal.
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Default RE: '06 SLR McClaren w/squeaking Brakes

there is a DTB for excessive front brake squeel and there is a service bulletin on this as well for 2003-2007 slr. If you didn't recieve a letter in the mail (not sure when sent) it's probably under the dtb that's for the dealership to figure out.
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Default Squeaking Brakes!

My 2006 S350 Mercedes had brakes that squeaked so loud I couldn't drive with the windows down, and yes, everyone seemed to cover their ears as I came to a stop near an intersection.

After checking with the dealership several times it was clear they wouldn't fix the problem and blamed the squeaking on the high performance braking parts and brake dust.

I couldn't live with the annoying squeak and took my car to a brake specialist (D & D Brakes in Seattle, WA).

Don and Larry at D & D Brakes are awesome. My brakes are fixed and now my car is perfectly silent!!! What a relief!

They replaced the disc pads and rotors and used all the recommendations from the note on how to fix the Mercedes brake squeak posted by MARK CUMMINS.

Don't live with the squeaking anymore! It's worth the $$ to take your Mercedes to a brake specialist, especially a place that's willing to take the time and do the job right.

Note Originally Posted by MARK CUMMINS:

The Brake Squeak CAN be stopped (IF) One can find a tech that WILL take the time to do the propper job..as the complaint is a warranty item on most all the late cars....

The Rotor must be free of all defects...EDGES..Lips...Must be smooth/flat

The Brake calipers MUST be Clean via brake cleen and THEN apply lube to all contact points..AND slide pivots

The Brake Pads MUST be CLEAN and fresh..
Bevel the edges at a 45 degree
apply the MB brake paste to the METAL side of the brake pad and the Piston/pistons area

Then seat the pads with several slow stops..let sit for 30/45 min...then off you go

It Requires LOTS of EXTRA work that warranty WILL NOT pay for...
As the Dealer will just throw in a set of replacement pads and send you down the road

But If the above steps are done the squeak will go away

I did this on Problem cars when I worked for Mercedes and It Works!

It Even works on the aftermarket pads...Porterfields etc that people say squeak a lot

BTW Mercedes even has a TSB for Brake Squeak on the SLRs
As composite brakes can be a challenge to remove the squeak
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