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BenDiesel 07-24-2013 04:52 PM

om617 to jeep swap
Hi all I picked up a 81 300sd for the engine. The car had trans problems an few miner other problem. Almost a shame what I did but oh well lol.

So while I have the engine out I was wondering if there was some preventive maintance stuff I could do to make this swap last longer while in the jeep.

I have read bout moving the oil filter housing gonna remote location. Is there any reason to keep the stock filter housing over say a aftermarket type remote dual canister type?

Any one have the pin out for the tach sensor on the front of the engine?

I'm looking to increase low end performance a little. After driving the 300 and having to wait for the turbo to spool before it gets going isn't good while on the trail and trying to crawl over obstacles. With the stock IP what rpm dose the sprinter gt build boost at? I prob use force inductions turbo controller for it.

I have more questions but can't think of them now


BenDiesel 07-25-2013 04:46 PM

Thanks for the reply. Ya most of my wheeling is in the mountains. But with low range I shouldn't have a problem with keeping the rpms up. Its also a auto.

What turbo do I have stock? I'm guessing a k26?
Stock IP is the m-pump right?
Was the rated amps on the alt? What dose it need for a volt reg ?
Any one know the GPM on the stock PS pump? Looking to hyd assistance for steering.
Did mb ever put a York style ac compressor on the om617?

Thanks some more

BenDiesel 07-26-2013 04:54 PM

OK I have the k26. Its seems to be in good condition, not much shaft play.
Why dose every one swap to the m pump?
Do you know of any way to fit a York to a turbo engine?
Was there any 100 amp alts or should I modify the brackets for a gm 1 wire?
Is there a noob guide?

BenDiesel 07-26-2013 08:02 PM

The engine has just under 200k. How often dose the time chain need to be replaced? how do i adjust for strech? is there a metal oil pick up tube?

BenDiesel 07-27-2013 04:58 AM

How do you measure the elongation on the chain? Where to find the keys and how do you determine how much you need?
What had the m pumps? And were to find bigger elements. How bout bigger injectors?
Good place to find the parts?
How to check the vac pump?
Any way to swap to a rear sump pan?
Worth then effort to swap to serp belt?

Thanks for answering my questions. I done lots of googling and not every thing I have read has been clear. :)

BenDiesel 07-27-2013 10:56 PM

got the bolt pattern for the motor mount?
the front of the engine is covered in oil. which gaskets leak the most?

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