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Default Stereo build log...

So this os to introduce this build log never been assed to do this before but i couldnt find much on the W202 i have become attached to and i love nothing better than cruising in my car and listening to favourite tunes on a great system .
This will be my third car with the w second system i built up over time working at an audio store selling car audio snd interacting with great people like john from JL australia custom car sound and the guys from stinger and aeropro and some other great ebay sellers etc to get all the parts together...
Finally i have a really nice example of a


Leather interior , immaculate body pretty straight one rust spot lhs drivers lower seal lip edge.... i found a second door so im going to use it to do templates on and teansfer them to the car once i have perfected fits etc so i dont mess up the interior of the other car and if i ever want to sell it i can remove the gear and replace everything oem as it was..
So i need two sets of side panels or i will make moulds and use fibreglass to build them...
Im thinking this route because it kinda makes sense in my head and ive done some finre glass work and following the right advice and ill link to some of the vids i have seen eventually there is a grwst finre glass guy doing utibe stuff ...
Shout out everything i learn how to do i learn from u tube and apply some basic common sense...
This is not advice it is just a tale if my adventures so please if you try and if this yourself and you should really not have tools in your hand please fo find someone who does know what they are doing or go to a shop there is a risk of fire death cuts burns banged heads and stiff backs if you attempt any of this and your girl might kill you and you may get fired....
And so we begin what i like to call the **** it ill do it myself ... after a few shops were not that helpful someone quoted me a grand to make covers I'm like nah **** it cant be that hard... why pay someone to do something i can probably do myself and then i git bragging rights and get to know i made it...
So i have a plan to install the dyns as below in the doors maybe some better speaks in the reear deck and side doors some more mid base or some splits either jl or alpine as i like these to compliment the dyns for surround and fill which is all the reats will be used for alternstively i might look at 6 inch jl w series drivers which john tells me kick so two of those on the rear deck maybe together with the w3v3 12 inch in JL box in the boot ... more pics later ****e 1 am im wasting my life adios..BB

Speaker height off base board 71mm
Thats touching
Inside height 67.5mm

Can cut out back hole in base board and use speaker to gauge height
I then started to look at how i would attack alignment
Would i angle the speakers up into the cabin or would i just shoot them out to the side and rely on the processor to make sonic adjustments?
Being a bit oldskool and being my first real custom kinda attempt beyond sail panels i thought i would document the process as others have done before me...
Back to ildskool i wanted to retain as much as pissible the factory oem feel
Then i thought what about showing off these great sou ding speakers in a first class ride and call pete over on the east coast to hook me up with some speaker grills as my originals are in storage in canberra �� dont ask...
Then i am going to build two prototypes and see how they look and feel..
Im really lucky to have this door here that a total legend aaron sold me for a song ... it sits in my bedroom where my long suffering girlfriend sleeps on the bed as i work out as i go how to make this work after many hours of research on the net and some small scale success i forge ahead into unknown territory.....
So first off cut iut the base plate and test fit i am using 12 mm MDF from bunnings
decided to make a test fit prototype and perfect the look and feel of the final piece .. im a bit of a lazy ocd so wont be happy unless its close to perfect ��
Ok so i have now placed the dynaudio esotech m162 on the base board which test fit well only 2 of the 3 factory screws fit so i will have to go see supercheap for some screws or maybe benz and get oem ones for a laugh and try and get a good relationship going so i can maybe ask for an enthusiasts discount ��
He said come back and hed look after me when i asked about the leather key protector and he said they didnt exist and i found one in the cabinet
I love that in life there is always more to learn..
Anyway and onwards 12.30 gf awaits please forgive me god

Maybe too much overlap as i look for alignment and think about how im going to bring the whole look together and get a real oem / high end audio branded blend almost like a custom oem upgrade...
Components im using are dynaudio m162's i believe Im pretty sure thats right which i got for a great price when you see a bargain grab it...
How do you know its a bargain do your research read credible reviews and look at books on audio how it works acoustics and start to think about how you want your rig to sound im building for sq on a budget i habe about 5100$ aus into the system in components and now we have man hours i have already previously installed this in a mazda 323 protege which i wrote off on the Nullabor hi all the gang at wudina SA legends keep rocking the desert guys love you...
Had to bus back from Adelaide ,after RFDS flight to Royal Adelaide Hospital ,to wudina to retrieve all me audio gear from the wreck and then bus back six hours each way with whiplash ffs... but i got the gear i slaved for and could afford and for the budget i think some pretty decent reliable kit...
So now just have to look at alignment and think thats all for now adios till the next time !! BB
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