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Old 11-20-2005, 01:39 AM
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Default SLK320 won't start

Moved my 2002 SLK320 from the garage this morning. About 3 hours later went to move it back in and car made heavy clicking sound similar to the dead battery in normal car. The lights on the dash flashed while I held the key. Cannot get it out of park to move it down the driveway.

Anyone have any idea????


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Old 11-20-2005, 03:08 AM
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Default RE: SLK320 won't start

Sounds like a poor connection somewhere along the battery cable if you are sure the battery is OK. Check + and -ve connections at Battery, Junction box, Starter and Body. Suspect one is loose. Batteries can go bad very suddenly due to internal damage. Stuart
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Old 11-21-2005, 12:15 AM
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Default RE: SLK320 won't start

snanceki -- thanks for the quick response. All light are as bright as normal. there is an error code on the odometer "start error". Did not try and jump it because everything appeared to point to something else.
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Old 11-21-2005, 01:46 AM
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Default RE: SLK320 won't start

locking and un-locking the car using the remote key works?

have you tried using another key?

seems like either battery or key authorization problem.
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Old 11-21-2005, 05:20 AM
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Default RE: SLK320 won't start

Hi, Still stranded?
Your original post did not include the bit about the dash message.
As a consequence I now agree with Sleepwalker.
Did the Lock/Unlock help? Did you use the real key or the remote fob to gain access to the car?
When you get the "Heavy Click" when trying to start do the headlamps / interior lamp/and dash lamps remain bright? If so this significantly reduces the possibility of a bad battery.
Sounds like the DAS (Driver Authorisation System) but why has it gone bad? I need to check whether the DAS is linked to the transmission lock. I guess it will be. I will also look to see if the DAS has a unique fuse but I wouldn't have expected this.
Sure you have the correct keys? You don't have two MB's by any chance and hence the wrong key since the DAS must receive the correct digital signal from the key.
Do the doors OPEN/CLOSE with the REMOTE operation on the key fob? The DAS radio receiver is common to the door operation and the engine inhibit. If not, are the batteries OK.
"Can't get it out of park" .....Sure you have the IGN and Footbrake ON?
How old is the car? Since it is a 320 it must be the older model. Age? Mileage?
Any other bits of data. Has the weather been very wet?
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Old 11-21-2005, 11:41 AM
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Default RE: SLK320 won't start

Done a bit of reading up.
The warning on the instrument pack is issued by the DAS. Likely cause is lack of "registration / recognition" between the key and the ignition switch inductive reciever L11. This "Handshake" is different from that which is used to lock / unlock the doors. It is therefore unlikely that the door lock remote control has much to do with the problem presupposing that you are using the correct one.
Looking at the wiring inputs to the DAS there is a component referred to as K54 Lock Confirmation Relay which is stated as being located afjacent to the passengers foot plate?
The drivers door lock microswitch (not fitted to UK cars for some reason?) forms part of the circuit. How did you lock the vehicle? With the key or the remote? Did Lock / Unlocking help?
The DAS is connected to the ETC (Transmission Control Module) via the data highway and since the ETC controls / is controlled by the Transmission Gear Selector I'm not surprised that you are unable to get it out of Park.
Fuses 35 and 37 in the Fuse and Relay box are the power feeds to the DAS.
I need an update from you as to what you have tried and whether the problem is now solved or still outstanding.
Is there anything else which you can add to your symptoms. It just might save you the cost of a DAS / visit to your MB dealer to read the data highway codes.
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